What is your Forms Management Automation Fantasy?


The Tyranny of Paper Forms


Imagine being stranded in an organization filled with forms management diversity of all types, from all departments throughout the organization. Electronic forms for travel expenses and paper forms from HR regarding Performance Reviews are all part of your fantasy.

The bottom line is that the ecstasy of so many forms has been somewhat tarnished by the ability to search and report on the data/metadata contained in these forms.

The joy of this issue is enhanced by the guessing game of which repository is the form stored in? Can it be in the SAP database, or is it located in the HRIS system.

Today, the vast majority of business processes in corporations and government organizations are performed manually using paper forms, fax, and electronic forms attached to emails. Larger companies may have legacy BPA/BPM systems in place (e.g., IBM, Appian, Metastorm (OpenText), Oracle, SAP, etc.), but these systems are too expensive to use on anything but the most mission critical business processes. In addition, employees often have to switch from application to application to carry out business processes (e.g., from email to Excel or Word, or to an ERP/CRM module, or to a workflow-based application such as an expense report management tool). All of this is highly inefficient and ineffective, resulting in wasted time and resources, significant unnecessary costs, and poor responsiveness to process participants (both internal and external to the company). Ultimately, this negatively impacts a company’s productivity and bottom line as well as its agility in the marketplace.


Converting the Forms Management Fantasy into a reality for your organization would be a single User Interface for all forms in the organization, complete with the ability to search and report on all forms in the organization, and the ability to set up a predefined workflow for all authenticated users. Let ‘s add No Coding to the fantasy, and the ability to have thousands of users converted within days.

Fantasizing about a tool that is Easy-to-Use for both end-users and management, that leverages your Existing Infrastructure that individual departments can use to Create their Own Workflows, and Quickly Change those Workflows

Dream about an Automated Forms solution which leverage the organization’s current email communications infrastructure (Microsoft Exchange/Outlook/Office 365) and automates manual business processes within Outlook, /Office 365 an application in which users already spend a large percentage of their time and are completely familiar with the user interface. Process templates and forms are easily designed and published by business users for use within the Outlook/Office 365 application, without requiring support from IT. Process participants never have to leave Outlook/Office 365 to participate in their portion of the process. Any data collected through the processes can be easily extracted and integrated with existing ERP/CRM applications and enterprise databases, enabling more timely and informed decisions associated with these processes.

With the Forms Management Fantasy solution, manual business processes can be quickly and easily automated within an environment (Microsoft Outlook/Office 365 that is already well known and used by all participants, in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost of using legacy BPA/BPM systems. By automating these manual processes, the company will achieve significant time and cost savings through greater efficiencies, as well as more timely and accurate results.


View a 2 minute video of this Forms Management Automation Fantasy