Top Ten Tech Trends for 2014-2016

We have just passed time of year for recaps and predictions.  I’m sure you have seen dozens!  I’ve seen everything from recaps of celebrity break-ups to predictions of the new hot markets for entrepreneurs in 2014.  One of my favorite new markets:  The rise of Craft Distilleries!

However, I found one of the most helpful recaps to be in a recent Forbes article by author Peter High.  In this article he provides a brief overview of what Forrester Research identified as the Top Ten Technology Trends for 2014 to 2016.

Number four on this list of trends is “the business takes ownership of process and intelligence”.  Forrester points out that IT is losing control over business intelligence tools and applications due to its “inability to operate at the increased pace of the business.”  It also points out that Business Process Management is increasingly becoming the domain of the departments (instead of IT) as users demand “more user-friendly, self-service features to automate ad hoc processes without expensive and scarce IT resources.”

We couldn’t agree more!  That’s why we designed FormVerse to be a simple yet elegant way for departments to automate their processes, using the same email platform that users already know and love.  FormVerse was designed so that after initial installation with help of the IT department, business managers and analysts are able to quickly and easily create workflows without assistance from the IT department or third parties.  We truly feel that FormVerse is the answer for those departments requiring “user-friendly, self-service features”.  If you have not seen it FormVerse yet, our team would be happy to show you how it works!

Remember, “Self-ies” are out; but user-friendly ways of automating processes for business is always in!