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Frequently Asked Questions


FORMVERSE, is an Enterprise Automation Platform that allows corporations and government agencies to configure and deploy highly-functional yet easy-to-use applications for a very broad set of uses.  FORMVERSE can support both internal users (employees and consultants) and/or external users (customers, prospective customers, vendors, partners, suppliers, regulators, etc.).  Users have the ability to access and interact with FORMVERSE applications in multiple ways, including via a browser, using a mobile device, and directly from within their existing email system.

Customers can configure FORMVERSE applications without the need for developers or engineers by using the FORMVERSE Template Editor.  It allows for the configuration of both simple and complex applications.  All data created with these applications, as well as all metadata, and attachments, are automatically captured in the FORMVERSE SQL database.  From there, the data may integrated bidirectionally between your other disparate enterprise applications (ERP’s, CRM’s, HRIS, SharePoint, or other database applications).

Using FORMVERSE allows customers to automate business processes rapidly, and results in high user adoption rates.  FORMVERSE exceeds the functionality required of large corporate and government customers, at an economical cost.


My organization already uses an enterprise application that has “workflow” capabilities (i.e. ERP, CRM, BPM, or Microsoft SharePoint). What advantages are there to using FORMVERSE?

Our customers tell us there are four key advantages of using FORMVERSE in lieu of (or in conjunction with) other enterprise systems:

1. Sophisticated Functionality

FORMVERSE can be used to automate virtually any business process.  Many of our customers are global corporations or large government agencies, requiring the highest level of functionality.  FORMVERSE Apps provides all customers to create, configure and deploy their own applications, at an enterprise level. We invite you to contact us to see the FORMVERSE Enterprise Automation Platform in action.

2. Ease of Use/High Adoption

Customers tell us that one big advantage of the FORMVERSE Enterprise Automation Platform is that end user interfaces can be used for any business process throughout the organization. This results in your staff having a single user interface for all FORMVERSE applications.  Additionally, for customers that wish to use their existing email system as an interface to these applications, the user adoption rate is extremely high, since email is the single business application used by virtually 100% of employees.

3. Time to Implement

Implementation of FORMVERSE applications can be completed in days, instead of the months or years required to implement other business process management tools. For customers desiring a fully-hosted solution, FORMVERSE can be implemented in minutes.  For on-premise, customer-controlled cloud, or hybrid deployments, customers can be up and running within one day.   FORMVERSE applications can then be created internally by your staff, or our FORMVERSE team can provide the design and configuration services for you.

4. Low Cost

While most Enterprise systems offer some level of workflow functionality, often implementation of these systems requires significant engineering and development efforts.  This makes use of those systems for automation cost-prohibitive.  Our customers often find that the cost of providing their staff with licensing to such systems can quickly become staggering.  With FORMVERSE, business users can create applications themselves without the need for any software engineering.

What kind of business processes can be automated with FORMVERSE?

Customer’s use FORMVERSE to automate a very broad range of business processes in all departments.

A few examples include:

  • Purchasing/Procurement Approvals
  • Tracking Regulatory Requirements
  • Employee Onboarding/Offboarding
  • Equipment Inspections Compliance
  • Capturing/Automating Routing of Incoming Email
  • Manufacturing- Identifying/Rectifying Parts Shortages
  • Managing Employee Attestation Compliance
  • Project Approval & Tracking
  • Contract Management

The types of business applications that can be automated with FORMVERSE are limitless! Anything from simple administrative processes like office supply requests to multi-level, mission-critical tasks such as Capital Expenditures approvals and justifications.

Do I have to use FORMVERSE integrated into my email system?

No. Many FORMVERSE customers opt to use FORMVERSE solely in a browser on a PC/Mac, Smartphone, or Tablet.  Likewise, you can use FORMVERSE solely for internal staff or allow external users (i.e. vendors, partners, suppliers, customers, regulators, etc.) to interact with the applications based on your specifications.

How long does it take to implement FORMVERSE?

Implementation of FORMVERSE can be completed in days, instead of the months or years sometimes required to implement legacy business process management tools.  Implementation of FORMVERSE consists of the following tasks:

1. Software Installation. For hosted configurations, you will be up and running in minutes.  On-premise configurations are normally configured in a couple of hours after your environment is configured.

2. Configuration of applications. This is highly variable and dependent on the specifications.  As a general rule, simple applications having a few steps and without integration to and from your other applications normally will take a few days.  For highly functional, highly complex, many step applications with one or more integration points may require several weeks.

3. Roll to Live Environment. Prior to launch, your applications will be tested internally (User Acceptance Testing) to identify and correct any issues.  Once testing is complete the application will be migrated to the live production environment.

How is FORMVERSE priced?

FORMVERSE is offered as a subscription and is priced by the number of Application Templates used, not the number of users. Forget about individual user licenses!  With FORMVERSE you simply subscribe to your desired number of Application Templates (in packs of 5) and pay a monthly subscription fee (regardless of the number of users)!  Additionally, for customers desiring a fully hosted solution, you may also subscribe to FORMVERSE hosting services which includes all the other licenses required to run the software.  Whether you have 100 or 100,000 users, the cost remains the same.  In addition to your Production Environment, you may also run non-Production Environments, such as QA, Development, or User Acceptance Testing. Licenses for those non-Production environments are included with your FORMVERSE subscription!  You may then create new “Application Templates” yourself or have FORMVERSE staff create them for you.  Customers are not tied to FORMVERSE for creation of Application Templates or changes to existing workflow templates.

What is Active Structured Email™?

Active Structured Email™ is FORMVERSE’s patented technology which adds structured forms and workflow capabilities to Outlook/365, transforming corporate email from an informal, unstructured medium to a highly structured one. Using this technology, customers can easy capture data from within email-based forms into the FORMVERSE SQL database. Once there, that data can be integrated with your other Enterprise applications using the optional FORMVERSE PASSPORT software module.

How much IT support is required for FORMVERSE?

Once initial configuration is complete, FORMVERSE empowers business units to automate processes without requiring support from IT. Application Templates are easily designed and published by business users.  Those users can be internal or external to the organization.  Additionally, FORMVERSE offers a fully-hosted deployment option, which eliminates the need to install the software and database(s) in your data center.  Access to FORMVERSE is provided to users no differently than an on-premise deployment.

Can FORMVERSE integrate with my current enterprise applications?

Yes. FORMVERSE is often used as an effective way to securely collect data, which can then be extracted based on recipient defined processing rules and integrated bi-directionally with your other disparate Enterprise applications and databases.

Data collected through FORMVERSE uses XML as a neutral data interchange format. Through the creation of FORMVERSE PASSPORT tasks, automated functions can allow a variety of tasks to occur. These can include monitoring a database for specified triggers. Once the triggers occur, FORMVERSE will then carry out the task(s) defined within FORMVERSE PASSPORT. This can include an automated extraction of data from the FORMVERSE database and creation of a new record or perform an update to an existing record in the destination system. FORMVERSE PASSPORT tasks can provide automation for all tasks which take a variety of actions across multiple enterprise systems simultaneously.

What IT environments are supported by FORMVERSE, and what are the system requirements?

Please review the technical requirements here. In general, FORMVERSE is available 1. as a fully-hosted configuration, 2. on a customer’s own public or private cloud environment, 3. As a hybrid deployment (with FORMVERSE software components hosted and the database(s) are on-premise in your data center) or 4. On-premise.

For on-premise configurations you will need to install the FORMVERSE software components on physical or virtual servers running the Microsoft Windows Server Operating System.  You will provide access to an SQL Server instance where the new database(s) will be created during the installation process.  For on-premise configurations customers may choose to deploy a second instance of the FORMVERSE server software components configured in “Shadow Mode” on a DMZ location of your network. This approach provides restricted access to external users, such as vendors, partners, suppliers, customers, and other external users.  Additionally, the web-based components of FORMVERSE (the FORMVERSE Web App for users and the FORMVERSE Web Admin for administrators), run on Microsoft IIS on the same Microsoft Windows server as the FORMVERSE server software (FORMVERSE Registry Server).

Am I reliant on FORMVERSE to create and modify my applications?

No. Customers can create and modify their own applications. As a part of the implementation process, FORMVERSE will provide training services to your staff to become proficient in the use of the FORMVERSE Enterprise Automation Platform. However, FORMVERSE can also provide Professional Services to customers in the areas of Process Design, Application Design, Custom Training Services, and Database Integration Services.

What mobile devices are supported?

Since the use of FORMVERSE on a mobile device does not require a mobile app, any modern browser-based smartphone or tablet is supported. In addition, your staff that uses Outlook Web Access (OWA), Mac’s, or Linux devices are supported using the same mobile platform.

Can mobile and web access be disabled?


How do users access reports?

Your staff will select the desired report through the FORMVERSE Web App, using a PC, Mac, mobile device, or from the menu within their Microsoft Outlook or Office 365 email.  Reports can be configured to allow real-time queries to be made on any form field and other metadata. Since reporting is done directly within the FORMVERSE Enterprise Automation Platform it can be accessed from any internet connected device.  Integration with other reporting tools is supported (i.e. Microsoft Power BI).

Is FORMVERSE a Cloud-based solution?

FORMVERSE can be configured as a fully-hosted cloud solution as well as on-premise, hybrid, or running on the customer’s own cloud environment. The deployment of FORMVERSE is based on your preference.

Can an individual department or business unit at a company use FORMVERSE as a stand-alone application?

Yes. While customers use FORMVERSE to automate a wide variety of business processes across the enterprise, customers commonly choose to start with the automation of a single application for a single business unit or department.  These applications can include internal users only or can include external users if desired.

Can FORMVERSE be restricted to use by internal staff and only while connected to our organization’s network either directly or through a VPN?

Yes.  FORMVERSE applications can be configured to your organization’s specific requirements.

What if we need to include external users such as vendors, partners, customers, etc. in our applications?

External users are fully supported via the FORMVERSE Web App.

It doesn’t matter which venue is used (Outlook, Microsoft Office 365 email, FORMVERSE Web App on a PC or Mac), or which mobile device is used (smartphone or tablet), all data is stored in the same SQL database.  External users can participate at any step in a application.  This method allows for greater flexibility for a diverse and mobile workforce.
Please contact us today to arrange a live demonstration of how FORMVERSE can improve operational efficiency within your organization.