Smarter Better Faster Workflow Automation


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Smarter Better Faster Workflow Automation

A smart Workflow Automation software management solution sounds like it should be the standard for any workflow management solution, the question of intelligence becomes apparent when business requirements fail the Smart test. One scenario faced by a compliance analyst who received a request for information from the S.E.C. that was urgent in his mind. The information needed was stored in an SAP repository and required having the overburdened IT department. search for the relevant data and metadata. The timeframe for being able to search and report on the information required did not meet the expectations of the compliance analyst, which is indicative of a solution that is not Smart.

The Smart Workflow Automation solution would enable the compliance analyst to use Outlook or Office 365 to search and report on the data/metadata stored in the ERP (or other Enterprise) system. In regard to being Faster, the timeframe for this Smart Workflow to occur would be a matter of minutes and would not require intervention on the part of the IT group.

Fast Workflow Automation

Speaking of Faster, a question we usually hear is “how long does it take to be up and running with a workflow automation software solution”. The response from many companies is usually measured in months, and requires extensive internal resources to ensure all enterprise systems are working effectively.

A Faster Workflow Management solution can be installed in days because it leverages the existing Microsoft infrastructure, and seamlessly connects to all enterprise systems.

Better Workflow Automation

Better Automation can be demonstrated with features, which include items such as having a Single User Interface to any Enterprise application, and real time reporting from within email. Imagine being able to build a new from or workflow process with no coding, and full functionality on all devices including phones and tablets.

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